I am a 500 E-RYT with trainings in:  Baptiste yoga  Trauma-Informed Yoga Training with Zabie Yamasaki  Yoga of 12 Step Recovery Combined Leadership Training (y12sr) with Nikki Myers

I am an E-RYT 500 with trainings in:

Baptiste yoga

Trauma-Informed Yoga Training with Zabie Yamasaki

Yoga of 12 Step Recovery Combined Leadership Training (y12sr) with Nikki Myers



founder, yoga instructor

Teaching Style: Balanced, compassionate, intuitive

Favorite Pose: Currently: Wheel pose. A pose that makes me feel both strong and vulnerable.

Bio: When I returned from my most recent teacher training, I made a promise to myself. No more hiding. No more withholding. I was ready to blow the lid off of the yoga I had known. It was time to move into something more powerful. It was time to level up.

My plans for the studio were already underway, yet I realized that I had a choice.

I could do what I’ve always done and get what I’ve always gotten OR I could tune into a bigger, more expanded vision with a lot of unknowns. Where had I not yet dared to go? Who was I not yet serving? I had to dig deeper into the WHY behind my teaching. Practicing yoga has given me ways to cope with anxiety and depression. I have leaned into vulnerability. I’ve become gentler with myself and less reactive with others. I teach yoga because I want others to explore what is possible within themselves when given the time, space, and tools to do so.

Yoga has an unfortunate history in this country of keeping out some of the most vulnerable folks in our communities: people of color, folks of different sizes and abilities, those with marginalized identities like my own queer community, and those affected by trauma and addiction—to name a few.

At heart fire, I am determined to create a safe space that prioritizes acceptance, healing, and a return to wholeness—no matter your story. I am very aware that it is a privilege to be able to open a yoga studio and I do not take this lightly. Every human deserves the opportunity to awaken to the world within themselves.




Teaching Style: Yoga Nerd meets Ballerina with a little boss lady/drill Sargent/dominatrix mixed in

Favorite Pose: In my own practice: anything that makes me feel light. As a teacher: Peaceful Warrior. Seeing a row of students in this simple pose is so beautiful. Full of ease and strength and potential. It makes my heart want to burst.

Bio:  A self-proclaimed ‘yoga nerd’, my background consists of years as a ballet dancer, practices in Ashtanga, vinyasa, Yin, hatha, Baptiste and Bikram yogas. Ballet and a childhood ‘second mom’ brought me to yoga and life kept bringing me back, until I finally decided to teach. My trainings include Kundalini, vinyasa and Baptiste yoga, as well as SUP yoga and certification to teach Paddle boarding without the yoga. Those life experiences that, in between car accidents and scooter crashes, kept bringing me back, along with my love of dance, music, surfing, kickboxing and the vast and beautiful array of yoga styles informs my personal practice and teaching. So be ready for anything when you SHOW UP in my class.

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Teaching style: Gentle & calming, always with a sense of humor

Favorite Pose: Headstand. I really love to be upside down.

Bio: My yoga practice has been my saving grace for more than 15 years. It has kept me from athletic injury, brought me comfort and confidence in my body, and helped balance the stresses of life. My mat has been a constant companion. I came into teaching because I want to help other people find those benefits for themselves.

It is truly my belief that yoga is for EVERY BODY. heart fire yoga believes this too, and from the moment I met Steph I knew our missions were the same. To make all people feel a sense of wholeness, in their bodies and their minds. It matters not what size you are, how flexible you are, what color or age or gender you are. If you have a body you can do yoga, and you are welcome here.

I was trained in the Himalayan tradition, and my teaching blends that with a slower vinyasa approach. The focus of my teaching practice is following the breath, and letting it lead you into movement mindfully. I am currently working on Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist training, and am excited to fold that into my teaching practice. It’s all about working with your body, not against it.

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Teaching Style: Accessible; if you can breathe, you can yoga

Favorite Pose: Currently: Child's pose. It reminds me to relax, forces me to listen to my own breath, and helps ground me.

Bio: My yoga journey began as a stretching regimen to recover from the demands of collegiate athletics. This regimen grew over the years to include self-exploration through yoga and meditation, learning to balance mind and body. I have an inclusive and person-centered practice that celebrates individuality rather than perfectionism; an approach honed through a social justice, queer and trans-focused, teacher training at the Adhikara Yoga School in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Community and safe spaces have been paramount for me over the years, and I am honored to help share these values with the community I am making a home. P.S. I love Buffalo. 

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Teaching style: Fluid, creative and spirit-focused

Favorite Pose: Camel Pose. I love that it is energizing and really wakes up my heart space.

Bio: I started my yoga journey in 2010 when I first entered into recovery from addiction. It was suggested that I develop a regular meditation practice which was a TALL order because my brain was always racing and full of fear. In the early years, yoga was one of the few things that could quiet my mind and still my heart. 

Over time, my practice has deepened and feels much more accessible on a day to day basis. I use yoga and meditation principles to cope with all aspects of life and I’ve grown into the person I’ve always wanted to be. Yoga has afforded me a sense of peace, awareness and compassion. 

I first became a certified yoga teacher in 2013. I’m trained in both Hatha and Vinyasa yoga styles and I’ve completed additional trauma-informed trainings to best serve my students. There is always room to grow! I am inspired by traditional yogic philosophy and I consider teaching as an opportunity to serve in an altruistic way.

I make the effort to lead with my heart and with compassion for all beings. I’m always reading and listening to spirit-based teachings (both classic and modern) and actively seeking higher states of consciousness in the community. My aim is simply to continue to grow spiritually and hold space for others on their individual path. 

When I teach, I want to create a space where people feel comfortable being who they truly are and honoring what they’re bringing with them to their practice.

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Teaching style: My teaching style is gentle and supportive, with an emphasis on breath and awareness.
Favorite pose: Fish pose, it requires full awareness of breath, body, and brings a new perspective

Bio:Yoga and meditation have been a profound gateway into diving deeper within myself, and shedding layers of depression and anxiety that were blinding me to who I really am. It has helped me realize the connection that exists between all sentient beings, creating more space for love, compassion, and kindness towards others.

My goal as a teacher is to create a safe space to allow everyone to tune into themselves with non-judgement, and to be gentle with themselves in their process. This is why I choose to teach a gentle flow, to allow the space to be still with the self, allowing the breath to guide the movement, and to listen to what the body, mind, and spirit want to tell you.

I love to incorporate sound healing with my crystal singing bowls in my classes, as it is a great way to allow deeper relaxation, heightened awareness, decrease of stress, and greater clarity and balance. Plus, they sound amazing!