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about heart fire yoga

heart fire yoga is a queer-owned, inclusive, and community-focused yoga studio in the heart of buffalo’s west side neighborhood.

t h e v i s i o n

the vision of heart fire yoga is shared by steph, a yogi and visual artist, and max, an academic and performance poet, both originally from neighboring rochester.

through our own lived experience, personal growth, and passion for service and activism, we saw the potential for yoga to reach the lives of folks it was otherwise missing.

o u r g o a l

our goal is to prioritize the needs of people of color, queer, trans, and gender non-binary folks, women, and those affected by trauma and addiction. we have designed our classes with all bodies in mind.

o u r m i s s i o n

our mission is to empower our neighborhood and community first. along with weekly yoga classes, heart fire yoga offers monthly workshops and events, guest speakers, and is a space for community gatherings.

welcome to heart fire yoga.


we have designed our classes with all bodies in mind.

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